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What We Do


We work with businesses to help improve developer productivity and software quality by building the tools that programmers use. This includes programming languages, compilers, tooling, and software libraries. We primarily work on, in, and with the C++ Programming Language.


We work with development groups to help identify, design, and create languages and language features that will improve the programming experience. Lock3 Software is able to translate your ideas into working compilers for your company's developers.


With over 50 years combined software development experience, Lock3 Software understands the needs of programmers and the benefits of quality software tools. We can help build the source code analysis tools your business needs to ensure the quality of your source code.


With plenty of classroom teaching experience, Lock3 is able to provide high-quality training on a variety of new language features, techniques, libraries, and tools. We can work with businesses to develop a custom curriculum for certain topics.


Open Source

Much of Lock3 Software's work is freely available as open source software.

Static Reflection and Metaprogramming

Lock3 Software has been heavily involved in the design and prototyping of C++ language extensions for static (compile-time) reflection and metaprogramming. We've implemented this work as an extension of the Clang C++ compiler, and made it available here on GitLab.


Andrew Sutton has been involved in the design and implementation of C++20 concepts since 2012. Lock3 Sotware now helps maintain that implementation in GCC. The git mirror for the C++20 branch of that work is available on the GCC site.


Lock3 Software implemented several of the language proposals for C++20 contracts. That work is actively maintained and available on GitLab.

Join Us


Lock3 Software attends a number of programming conferences around the world. Here is our upcoming schedule.



    Sep 15-20 2019

    Denver, Colorado, USA
    (Web site)


    C++ Standards Committee Meeting

    Nov 04-09 2019

    Belfast, Northern Ireland


    C++ Standards Committee Meeting

    Feb 10-15 2020

    Prague, Czech Republic


    C++ Standards Committee Meeting

    Jun 06-09 2020

    Varna, Bulgaria


About Us

We love everything about programming, especially beautiful, fast, and bug-free code. Lock3 Software's mission is to improve the programming experience: to make it easier for programmers to write high quality, correct, and efficient software.

Andrew Sutton


Andrew Sutton is the founder of Lock3 Software its primary language designer. He has over two decades of C++ programming experience, of which the last 10 years has focused on the use of new and experimental language features to improve software design. Andrew is well-known in the C++ community for his work on C++20 concepts and more recent work on static reflection and metaprogramming. He spent the last decade in academia as a postdoctoral researcher and professor. As a professor, Andrew taught software design using C++, compiler design, and programming languages. Andrew earned his PhD and Master's degrees in Computer Science from Kent State University and has a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science from Ohio University.

Tyler Sutton


Tyler Sutton joined Lock3 Software in 2018 and is its lead software engineer. He has over two decades of programming experience in C++ and C#. For the past 15 years, Tyler has worked on high performance imaging algorithms, networking and request processing, and user interfaces. He earned his Master's degree in Applied Mathematics from Kent State University and holds a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Mount Union.

Contact Us

If you want to know how we can help improve your software development practices, get in touch with us at info@lock3software.com.